Research Groups

Research Groups

Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada)

University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)

Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana, US)

  • Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability Environments (VACCINE)
    VACCINE is dedicated to creating methods and tools to analyze and manage vast amounts of information for mission areas of homeland security. They have many Mission Driven Research Projects (MDRPs) which they focus their work in.

Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, Georgia, US)

University of North Carolina (Charlotte, North Carolina, US)

The Pennsylvania State University (State College, Pennsylvania, US)

  • GeoVISTA Center
    GeoVISTA’s specific mission is to coordinate integrated and innovative research in Geographic Information Science (GIScience), with an emphasis on geovisualization. The focus is on developing powerful human-centered methods and technologies that allow scientists and decision makers to solve scientific, social, and environmental problems through computer-supported, visually-enabled analysis of the growing wealth of geospatial data.

Palo Alto Research Center – PARC (Palo Alto, California, US)

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (Richland, Washington, US)

University of Maryland (College Park, Maryland, US)

University of Konstanz (Konstanz, Germany)

  • Data Analysis and Visualization
    There are a large number of research projects in the area of “Exploration and visualisation of large information spaces”. The group of Databases, Data analysis and Visualization (Prof. Dr. Keim) develops novel techniques for visual analysis of business, customer, finance, demoscopic, and network data motivated by applications in customer relationship management (CRM), telecommunications, the financial mark et and network security. They focus on techniques for interactive mass data analysis applied on very large multidimensional and geographic data sets

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Université Paris-Sud (Orsay, France)

  • AVIZ
    Aviz is a multidisciplinary team aiming at improving the analysis and visualization of large and complex datasets by combining analysis methods with interactive visualizations. Main research areas are Visual Analytics, Human Computer Interaction and Information Visualization (they have an interesting Toolkit for information visualization).