Visualising Opinions Towards Academic Institutions on Social Media (2012-)

Academic opinion visualizer

Shali Liu
Dr. Evangelos E. Milios
Dr. Kirstie Hawkey


Academic opinion visualizer aims at helping students and universities’ marketing office locate answers and make decisions from opinions on social media. Recently social media has been one of the premier places that people spend time for their internet activities. The huge amount of information from social media can be a good source to analyze people’s opinions towards specific topics. However, due to the large quantity of results and casual writing style, search engines (or social search engines) do not make largest use of social media data. Imaging a students wants to figure out which school provides a better graduate program of computer science, he can use Google to check the result pages individually or ask a questions on question-answering forms waiting a few days for a possibly unreliable answer. Academic opinion visualizer focuses on time-saving, quantity analysis and interactively filtering useful information.

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